#ElectionsZW: Elected MPs to be sworn in today in Parliament

#ElectionsZW: Elected MPs to be sworn in today in Parliament
#ElectionsZW: Elected MPs to be sworn in today in Parliament

#ElectionsZW: Elected MPs to be sworn in today in Parliament

The legislators who were elected from the 26th of March by-elections are expected to take their oath of office today in the National Assembly.

There are about 28 legislators from across the country, with the majority coming from Harare Province.

Most of the legislators are making a return to Parliament following their recall in MDC factional fights.

MDC is currently in turmoil following the death of the founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai from cancer in February of 2018.

Some of the legislators are replacing those that died along the way from various ailments including COVID-19.

The by-elections saw the ruling party Zanu PF making inroads in opposition territory when it took Epworth Constituency and Mutasa South.

By-elections were however marred by low voter turnout as most Zimbabweans chose to stay at home or go about their businesses.

Among those taking the oath of office are Tendai Biti (Harare East), Willias Madzimure (Kambuzuma), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo), Kucaca Phulu (Nkulumane), Zwizwai Murisi (Harare Central) Zalerah Makari (Epworth), Happymore Chidziva (Highfield West), and Susan Matsunga (Mufakose) among others.

By-elections left MDC-T in pieces

The by-elections have however left MDC-T which is led by Douglas Mwonzora in pieces with the party candidates not taking their loss kindly.

Some of the candidates such as Zivai Mhetu have called for the removal of Douglas Mwonzora. Mhetu says Mwonzora failed to lead the party to victory.

Mhetu also accused the lawyer-cum politician of being corrupt and abusing party funds.

MDC-T is a beneficiary of the ZW$149 million from the treasury under the Political Parties Financing Act.

The money is given to political parties that attain at least 5% of the number of seats in the Parliament.

Currently, it is only Zanu PF and MDC-T that are getting the funds

About ZW$500 million was set aside by the treasury in the 2022 National Budget to be shared by political parties.

However, other political parties are of the view that the Political Parties Financing Act is giving an advantage to Zanu PF and MDC.

#ElectionsZW: Elected MPs to be sworn in today in Parliament