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Mthuli Ncube tables a ZW$63.1 trillion 2024 budget

The budget is composed of projected expenditures of ZW$ 58.2 trillion, and ZW$4.9 trillion for amortisation of loans and maturing Government securities. Revenue collections for the year are estimated at around ZW$53.9 trillion (ZW$51.2 trillion tax revenue and ZW$2.7 trillion non tax revenue), leaving a total budget financing gap of ZW$9.2 trillion. To finance the budget gap, the Minister is going to borrow ZW$9.2 trillion from the domestic and external markets.

Download: 2024 National Budget Statement

The fiscal policy thrust for the 2024 National Budget is guided by the need to maintain a sustainable budget deficit within the SADC macro-economic convergence threshold of not more than 3% of GDP. Going into 2024, Government seeks to consolidate and entrench the stability to facilitate economic transformation and preserve disposable incomes.

Picking up the pieces – Life after Cyclone Idai

even if I am sleeping, once I hear raindrops, immediately, I wake up and sit on my bed until it dies down. It has been four years now, but I still get flashbacks of that fateful day, and living in this cracked house which often leaks does not make moving on any easier.”

Hope for recalled legislators, as Mudenda promises to act on Court Order

'I have not received from any representative of the Citizens Coalition for Change Political Party a copy of that Order.   Once that Court Order is received and states what you are saying, in terms of the law, the Court Order will supersede the recall accordingly.  So, as soon as I get that, I will act in terms of the Court Order,

Tshabangu recalls more CCC MPs National Assembly

Accordingly, I have to inform the House that with effect from 7th November, 2023, the following Members ceased to be Members for Citizens Coalition for Change Political Party.  First, Admore Chivero – Chegutu West Constituency; Stephen Chatiza – Goromonzi South Constituency; Gift Ostallos Siziba – Pelandaba Constituency; Tapfumanei Willard Madzimbamuto – Seke Constituency; Oliver Mutasa – Zvimba East Constituency; Amos Chibaya – Mkoba North Constituency; Emma Muzondiwa – Midlands PR; Machirairwa Mugidho – Masvingo PR; Constance Chihota Mashonaland East PR; Monica Mukwada – Manicaland PR; Linnet Mazingaidzo – Harare Province and Dephine Gutsa – Mashonaland East PR.

Vacancies in the Senate: As Tshabangu strikes again

Section 129 (l) (k) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides that: “a seat of a Member of Parliament becomes vacant if the Member has ceased to belong to the political party of which he or she was a Member when elected to Parliament and the political party concerned, by written notice to the Speaker or the President of the Senate as the case maybe, declare that the Member has ceased to belong to the party.  I therefore wish to inform the House that with effect from the 10th of November 2023, the following Members ceased to be Members of Citizens Coalition for Change political party.

Pre-Budget Seminar: Tatenda Mavetera’s Presentation (Download)

Pre-Budget Presentation Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services

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