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POLAD members form alliance to challenge Mnangangwa ahead of plebiscite.

Some members of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) have formed an alliance to challenge President Emmerson Mnangangwa in the upcoming elections.

Established after the elections by Mnangangwa as a platform to help solve the country’s problems through dialogue with 2018 losing presidental candidates, the electorate is yet to appreciate the value of Polad.

However, critics argue that the outfit is there to legitimize Mnangangwa’s regime.

Out of the 22 presidential candidates who participated in the 2018 elections Nelson Chamisa the then President of the MDC-Alliance, Joseph Makamba Busha, Nkosana Moyo, Joyce Mujuru, David Shumba among others did not join the outfit.

Since its formation POLAD members have benefited brand new vehicles and fuel coupons through tax payers money.

Now, six members of POLAD have come together ahead of the 2023 elections to form an election pact to challenge the incumbent.

The electoral pact will operate under the name Zimbabwe For Peace And Development (ZPD) under the leadership of Trust Tapiwa Chikohora.

ZDP Leader Speaks

Speaking during a press conference in Harare on Thursday Chikohora said the alliance was formed after realizing unity as an essential component to solve impeding problems bedeviling the country.

“Zimbabwe is experiencing multiple socio-economic challenges which have been with us for many years now.

“These challenges seem insurmountable because we have become a deeply polarised society.

“We believe that these challenges will only be solved sustainably, if we come together as Zimbabweans to find each other and build our country together as a unified people.

“You will be aware that the 6 parties gathered here today are members of POLAD a dialogue platform of Political Parties in Zimbabwe to come up with ways to move our country forward through dialogue.

“It is against this background that the following political parties have found each other as sharing the same aspirations and having the same principles and value and have therefore decided to form an electoral pact,” he said.

Despite Polad members garnering less than two percent of the votes cast in 2018, it is a matter of time before the electoral pact can tested.

After winning the elections the alliance seeks to form an inclusive government.

The political parties in the ekectoral act are; Coalition of Democrats (CODE), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Rebuild Zimbabwe Party (RZP), United Democracy Movement (UDM), United Democratic People’s Party (UDPP), and Straight Black Pride Zimbabwe Partnership (SBPZP).

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