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Parly had become a place of gentlemen’s agreement between Zanu PF and Mwonzora

Parly had become a place of gentlemen’s agreement between Zanu PF and Mwonzora

Binga North legislator Prince Dubeko Sibanda says he is happy to be back in Parliament to provide real oversight and to represent his constituency.

Dubeko-Sibanda who was recalled by Douglas Mwonzora led MDC Alliance, says Parliament had become a circus that ignored the will of the people.

Since the recalls, MDC Alliance has voted together with Zanu PF to approve Constitution Amendment Bill No.1 and Constitution Amendment Bill No.2.

However, in defending his legislators, Mwonzora told the media that they voted for the Bills because they contained certain sections that could not be ignored. He said the sections were beneficial to women and the youths.

MDC Alliance legislators have also given little debate to such laws as the #CyberLawsZW: Only nine Senators participated in the Second Reading of Cyber BillCybersecurity and Data Protection Bill and the Finance Bills for the 2022 National Budget.

In an interview, Honourable Dubeko-Sibanda said people had no representatives whom they could use to demand oversight, as Mwonzora’s party was working together with Zanu PF.

‘’People were having challenges with oversight, over government departments in our communities. For example, if any government department was not doing things in a manner that they are supposed to be done people had nobody to resort to, but now with the MPs back it is easy to say to a government depart why are you not doing things in the proper way it is supposed to be done.

‘’So, oversight is going to be seen again, representativeness is going to happen again. We know that Parliament had virtually become a circus immediately after the recalls to an extent that it had become a place of gentlemen’s agreement where Zanu PF and the other party were all agreeing and moving together without considering the will of the people.

‘’So, we believe that now Zanu PF and its government are going to be made to be accountable because representatives of the people are back,’’ he said.

Commenting on his victory against Zanu PF, Dubeko-Sibanda said people have now become aware and cannot be easily bought.

He said people are after long-term solutions and do not always have to wait for handouts during election time.

‘’People know what they want. They can be given short term trinkets that they benefit one day, but they understand that what they want in the long term is good governance, is a government that can sustain an economy in which everyone can then look after themselves not be given trinkets and handouts by the government that dehumanises the people,’’ he said.  

Parly had become a place of gentlemen’s agreement between Zanu PF and Mwonzora

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