Mzembi to announce Saviour Kasukuwere’s arrival date

Mzembi to announce Saviour Kasukuwere's arrival date
Mzembi to announce Saviour Kasukuwere's arrival date

Mzembi to announce Saviour Kasukuwere’s arrival date #ElectionsZW

The last Foreign Affairs Minister in the Robert Mugabe cabinet, Walter Mzembi has hinted that he will announce the date when independent Presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere will arrive in Zimbabwe.

Kasukuwere who fled the country at the height of the November 2017 Coup is among the 11 candidates that have been successfully nominated to contest in the 2023 elections.

Zimbabwe will be having general elections on August 2023.

Jacqueline Sande who is Kasukuwere’s chief election agent indicated that the veteran politician will be on the ground campaigning, without revealing the dates.

However, writing on his Twitter handle, Mzembi who is working closely with Kasukuwere hinted that he was going to reveal the arrival dates today (5 July 2023).

‘’Today, I will announce when President Kasukuwere will be coming to Zimbabwe.

‘’Apologies I would have done it yesterday but was in the region on debriefs.

‘’Indeed the X Factor passenger 34 heads home on the date to be announced today,” he said.

The coming onto to the political scene by Kasukuwere has drawn mixed feelings among Zimbabweans.

United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) leader Elisabeth Valerio said Kasukuwere should not be celebrated like a hero because he was a vanguard of injustice during his time in government.

Other Zimbabweans have celebrated Kasukuwere, arguing that he is going to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa a run for his money.

Nelson Chamisa who fronts the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has brushed Kasukuwere aside, arguing that he is not a factor in the upcoming polls.

The government has however threatened that Kasukuwere will be arrested upon arrival because there are two warrants of arrest in his name.

A Zanu PF supporter has also approached the court challenging Kasukuwere’s nomination. His argument is that Kasukuwere has not been in the country for the past 18 months as is required. The matter is yet to be dealt with.

Mzembi to announce Saviour Kasukuwere’s arrival date #ElectionsZW


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