Elisabeth Valerio tears into Kasukuwere, he was a vanguard of injustice

Elisabeth Valerio tears into Kasukuwere, he was a vanguard of injustice
Elisabeth Valerio

United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) president Elisabeth Valerio has said independent Presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere is not a hero, arguing that he perpetrated injustice in the country.

Kasukuwere filed his nomination papers to contest in the August 2023 general elections and has been seen by some as the new hope in the fight against Zanu PF.

However, writing on her Twitter handle, Valerio said only those that lack morals would seek refuge in Kasukuwere.

‘’Someone said to me today… “if Jesus himself was on the ballot, Zimbabweans would not vote for him.” This got me thinking about all the heroism Kasukuwere has received recently on social media.

‘’Are Zimbabweans turning a blind eye and forgetting that for a time Saviour Kasukuwere was the vanguard for much of the injustice and exploitation in our country?

‘’Only the amoral would seek refuge in Kasukuwere. Do we no longer know the difference between right and wrong?

‘’Have we lost all sense and ethics – perhaps as a consequence of having lived for so long in such a highly corrupt society?

‘’Will Zimbabwe ever wake up?

Valerio is currently fighting for her nomination for the Presidential election to be accepted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission after the commission reportedly rejected her proof of payment.

If accepted, she could go on to be the 12th Presidential candidate and arguably the only female.

Other aspiring female candidates have backed off the race due to exorbitant nomination fees that were being demanded.

For one to contest for President, they needed to pay US$20 000 or equivalent in RTGS.

Besides Elisabeth Valerio, there is also Linda Masarira who fronts the Labour Economists and African Democrats who is also fighting for her nomination.

Masarira failed to pay nomination fees due to the issue of bank limits and she is hopeful of getting a lifeline from the Electoral Court.

Zimbabwe hold general elections on the 23rd of August this year.



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