Mwonzora should give us a share of political parties funds: Guchutu

Mwonzora should give us a share of political parties funds: Guchutu
MDC Alliance partners during the launch of the agreement in 2017...picture courtesy of VOA

Multi-Racial Christian Democrats (MCD) leader Mathias Guchutu says all political parties that are signatories to the MDC Alliance agreement deserve a share from the political parties fund that MDC-T is getting from the government.

The MDC Alliance agreement was signed by about seven political parties namely MDC-T, MDC-N, PDP, MCD, Zanu Ndonga, Transform Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe People First.

Partners to the agreement allegedly agreed to not compete against but support each other in the 2018 general elections.

This saw MDC-T getting the Presidential candidate, while other parties got seats in Parliament and local authorities.

From its efforts, the Alliance won some seats in Parliament which qualified it for funding from the Political Finances Act.

However, the money has been going to MDC-T, leaving the other partners with nothing for their efforts.

In an interview on Heart and Soul TV, Guchutu said the agreement was a non-compete agreement and every partner has a share in the victories and losses incurred by the alliance.

‘’I sincerely whole-heartedly believe that every political party that contested or was part of the Alliance should have some share. Whether proportionately or as dictated by a meeting of the principles and agreed because we all contributed in one way or another.

‘’I can tell you people who voted some were MDC-T, some were not members of the MDC-T, but they voted for the word alliance. Even those who were rebels to MDC-T when they saw the word alliance, went to vote for it because they felt they were voting for something else different from the MDC-T they knew what they thought was corrupt or whatever happened, but they could hide behind the word Alliance.

‘’So, we all contributed and so at the end of the day, yes it was a mistake that when the finances come, they come to MDC-T, the main party, but it is my sincere belief that everybody who participated should get a share,” he said.

Guchutu: We have not received even a cent

Guchutu added that since the money started coming, they have not received anything from MDC-T.

He said he has tried to write to Mwonzora about it but there has not been any response on the matter.

‘’We have not received anything so far, I tried to write but there was no response, I even tried to write on WhatsApp thinking that maybe the guy is now the main opposition party so he might possibly not have the time I do not know.

‘’I am talking about Douglas Mwonzora, he is a friend we have been in the trenches for long, even longer than MDC-T,’’ he said.

Mwonzora should give us a share of political parties funds: Guchutu

Mwonzora should give us a share of political parties funds: Guchutu