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Mudenda refused to say why he is not allowing Biti back in Parly

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda has refused to shed light on why he is not allowing Tendai Biti and other legislators back in Parliament despite the Court judgement that trashed their recall.

Biti, Settlement Chikwinya, Willas Madzimure, Kucaca Phulu Sichelesile Mahlangu and Regai Tsunga were recalled by Benjamin Rukanda who purported to be the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) secretary-general.

However, the recall letter was challenged in court and the judges agreed that the recaller was not the secretary-general of the party and could not recall the legislators.

However, it has been almost three weeks after the judgement but still, the legislators are yet to be allowed back in Parliament.

This resulted in Zengeza West legislator Job Sikhala enquiring from the Speaker on why there have been delays in admitting the members back.

Speaker of National Assembly Jacob Mudenda said he will only answer if the enquiry was coming from the parties involved in the matter.

‘’You see as a lawyer Honourable Sikhala, you are relying on hearsay from a third party in which you are not involved.  That is not admissible and I cannot entertain hearsay messages.  What I can entertain is an approach by the affected party or parties to the issue, then I will respond to them accordingly,’’ he said. 

The recalled PDP legislators are some of the most active in the National Assembly when it comes to scrutinising Bills and also participate in other debates.

Biti was chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee which was investigating issues of corruption in such parastatals as ZESA, ZINARA and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe among others.

Their delay in coming back also saw them miss the Committee Stage of the topical Constitution Amendment Bill No.2 which was recently approved by the National Assembly with 191 votes against 22.

In the absence of Biti, Chikwinya, Phulu and Madzimure, Honourable Edwin Mushoriwa, Jasmine Toffa, Innocent Gonese, Daniel Molokele were left to put up a show in trying to reject the Bill.

Even though they raised valid points against the Bill, the contest was lost on the game of numbers where Zanu PF enjoys the super two-majority in the National Assembly.

Mudenda refused to say why he is not allowing Biti back in Parly

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