Mnangagwa ill-advised on by-elections says Madhuku

Mnangagwa ill-advised on by-elections says Madhuku
Mnangagwa ill-advised on by-elections says Madhuku

Mnangagwa ill-advised on by-elections says Madhuku

Legal expert Lovemore Madhuku says President Emmerson Mnangagwa did not apply his mind properly when he proclaimed the impending by-elections.

According to Madhuku who also leads the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), the by-elections are a waste of state resources.

He said it was better to use the time and resources in implementing the much-needed electoral reforms.

“I don’t think President Emmerson Mnangagwa properly applied his mind when he pronounced the March 26 by-elections. These by-elections do not have any political value to the country.

“By-elections because of the timing do not have any value. The focus should be on electoral reforms for the 2023 elections. They are a waste of resources. As a party and stakeholders, we believe that the timing of elections is a waste of resources,” he said.

The NCA president added that the law (Section 158.3 of the Constitution) requires that by-elections should be held at least within 90 days and the proclamation is not in line with that requirement.

He said it was ill-advised for Mnangagwa to claim he is proclaiming the by-election because it is a requirement of law.

“His proclamation is not based on any law, he cannot say I am calling for an election because I am supposed to call for any election, he did not do it when he was supposed to do it, what is doing is completely arbitrary on the bases on the president,” he said.

Zimbabwe is expected to have by-elections on 26 March 2022 to replace legislators who were recalled by both Zanu PF and MDC in factional fights.

Some of the seats also became vacant due to the death of the officeholders.

Election watchers are of the view that the by-elections will set the tone for the 2023 general elections in terms of what needs to be improved.

There have been calls from different stakeholders for ZEC to be reformed in order for it to hold credible elections. #ElectionsZW

Mnangagwa ill-advised on by-elections says Madhuku