Mnangagwa sets battleground for embattled MDCs

Mnangagwa sets battleground for embattled MDC
Mnangagwa sets battleground for embattled MDC

Mnangagwa sets battleground for embattled MDC


The recently pronounced by-elections have created another battleground for the MDCs (MDC-T and MDC Alliance) to continue their unending feud.

MDC-T as led by Douglas Mwonzora and MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa are fighting for dominance since April 2020.

Words have always been awash in the corridors of gossip streets that only by-elections can put the fight to rest.

When the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) had frozen all electoral processes, others argued that it was a way of protecting Douglas Mwonzora who is rumoured to be warming up to Zanu PF.

Both factions have claimed to be the real MDC and the real MDC Alliance. In fact, as things stand, both factions promised to contest any election under the banner of the MDC Alliance.

MDC Alliance was a cocktail composed of seven political parties that joined hands to contest the 2018 general elections.

The parties include MDC-T, PDP, MDC-N, Transform Zimbabwe, Zanu Ndonga, Zimbabwe People First and Multi-Christian Democratic.

On paper, Chamisa appears to be losing

On paper, the Chamisa led faction is on the losing end of the rope. His appointment to the post of vice president by the late Morgan Tsvangirai was nullified by the court.

Legislators and councillors aligned to him were recalled from Parliament and councils respectively.

Chamisa and his people were booted out of the party headquarters Harvest House with the help of the police and the army and in the dead of the night.

Not only that, but his supporters also as with many Zimbabweans were under lockdown due to COVID-19 regulations.

To top it all, they also lost control of the annual funding that comes from treasury courtesy of the Political Parties Finances Act.

The only battle that remains for Chamisa to show his worth is the battle for supporters.

Many argue he will not be able to pull the same crowds that he wowed during the 2018 general elections.

Douglas Mwonzora claims he played a huge part in enticing those crowds to come, well time will tell.

On his part, Chamisa claims that while he has lost in the judicial courts, he has not lost in the court of public opinion where he alleges that his supporters are based and dominate.

This makes the impending by-elections an interesting litmus test for the MDCs.

By-elections will show us who is the real factor

The by-elections for the 28 Parliamentary seats that was proclaimed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa will definitely show us who is the real MDC.

It will show us who was a factor between Mwonzora and Chamisa in the 2018 general elections.

These by-elections will also serve to create a picture for the 2023 general elections.

The untold story from these by-elections is that it will also give the legislators and councillors who dumped Chamisa for Mwonzora something to judge their decisions on. It will also do the same to those who remained with Chamisa and those who got recalled for their support to him.

By proclaiming the by-elections in this period, Mnangagwa has strategically created a fighting ground for the MDCs. He has at the same time diverted the citizens’ attention from the real issues of bread and butter.

There are however rumours in the streets that one of the MDCs is contemplating not contesting the by-elections. It is said they prefer to continue keeping everyone guessing and speculating the power of its firepower. #ElectionsZW

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