Men don’t experience labour pains yet they beat women

Men don't experience labour pains yet they beat women

Senator Rosemary Nyathi says if men knew the experience that women go through during labour pains, they would not go about beating women

Men are accused of being the leading perpetrators of violence against women and girls.

Speaking in the Senate, Honourable Nyathi said a woman is the same with one beating up their mother, adding that labour is a difficult thing.

“If only they would know how painful the nine months period is. I wish no man would beat up a woman especially using weapons. Labour is a very difficult thing.

“No man has ever experienced this but they have the audacity to beat up a woman not knowing that his mother is as good as any woman that they may be beating.

“Therefore, they do not know the pain that they went through in giving birth to that person. We should respect each other. That argument that women are also doing bad things, those are being perpetrated by men but people should consider what brings up that.

“Even when children play around, they know that someone may be provocative but they stop that there and there. Women tend to be very tolerant most of the time. If they commit a crime once, it becomes a problem yet men have small houses all over. They have extra marital affairs but when a woman commits one mistake, it is blown out of proportion yet all of us were created in God’s image,” she said.

The Senator added that there is need to try and find the origin of the violence and not waste time arguing that women do it also.

“Trying to argue that women also perpetrate violence is not good. Let us try to find the origin of that violence. Some argue that women should be submissive because they are married. Let us consider that marriage is sacred and was made by God so that people may help each other.

“Whilst they assist each other, there will be a leader but being a leader does not mean that you should harass your subordinate. You should respect each other,” the Senator said.