Linda Masarira: I want power and I am going to get it #ElectionsZW

Linda Masarira: I want power and I am going to get it #ElectionsZW
Linda Masarira: I want power and I am going to get it #ElectionsZW

Labour Economists African Democrats (LEAD) president Linda Masarira says she is politics to attain power and that she is going to get it by all means necessary.

Masarira, a former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and MDC-T (Thokozani Khupe) member is trying her luck for the Harare Central parliamentary seat in the upcoming by-elections. She also intends to contest for President in 2023.

Asked why she is joining hands with opposition parties in the country, the outspoken politician said she cannot join hands with those that have different ideologies from that of her party.

‘’Why should I go and encroach in other political parties ideologies which are not in line with the ideology of LEAD? People should understand that politics is a game of attaining power, I want power and I am going to get it and I am executing the 48 laws of power, and no one is going to stop me.

‘’The chamisas of this world have tried to stop me but they have failed, and I am still going. No one can ever close me out, no one can ever elbow me out Zanu PF tried the same by arresting me and frustrating me.

‘’I am going to get power in Zimbabwe by hook or crook when the time comes. Zanu PF was formed in 1963 but only attained power in 1980. MDC was formed in 1999 but to date, they do not have power; LEAD was formed in 2019 and I will tell you right now that in 2028 I will be the first female president of Zimbabwe.

Masarira a train driver by training, contested for the Harare Central Constituency seat in the 2018 general elections and lost to Murisi Zwizwai of MDC Alliance.

The impending by-elections will act as a tester to measure if people see her differently from the 2018 general elections. She is currently the only visible female opposition party leader in Zimbabwe and has been visible since forming LEAD in 2019.