Chamisa is wrong on POLAD snub: Egypt Dzinemunenzva

Chamisa is wrong on POLAD snub: Egypt Dzinemunenzva
Chamisa is wrong on POLAD snub: Egypt Dzinemunenzva

Forces of the Liberation Organisation of African National Party (FLOANP) leader Egypt Tazarurirwa Tsangadzaoma Dzinemunenzva says MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is wrong to snub POLAD.

The Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) was birthed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to engage with political parties that contested in the 2018 Presidential elections.

However, the dialogue platform was snub by several political parties including Chamisa led MDC Alliance.

According to Chamisa, POLAD is nothing but a talk show that will not produce anything meaningful for Zimbabwe.

He says real talks can only be between himself and President Mnangagwa and not with any other party.

However, speaking in an interview, seasoned opposition leader Dzinemunenzva said when people have issues against each other, solutions can only come from sitting down and talking about it.

He said snubbing each other will not help anything.

‘’The issue of Chamisa about POLAD, I don’t agree with it. If you have issues that you want to raise let’s meet and air your complaints. You put forward your points the other person puts theirs and then find common ground. After that you then with the issues where you don’t agree that is what is supposed to happen.

‘’If you have complaints or issues with someone, sit down with them and complain face to face until you reach an agreement. This is because if you don’t talk to them then nothing will be solved. For example, in a court people would argue out their issues seeking the truth of the matter and eventually, a solution will be found,’’ he said.

Dzinemunenzva applied to join POLAD

Dzinemunenzva also highlighted that his political party has also applied to join POLAD but are yet to receive an answer.

The FLOANP leader is not the only politician who has indicated willingness to join POLAD.

A few weeks ago, LEAD leader Linda Masarira also indicated that her party would also join if they were invited.

According to Masarira, POLAD is the only platform available that will help bring people’s issues to the President and government.

President Mnangagwa pampered POLAD principals with Isuzu D-Maxx twin cab vehicles a few weeks ago.