Egypt Dzinemunenzva: I will contest for President in 2023

Egypt Dzinemunenzva: I will contest for President in 2023
Egypt Dzinemunenzva: I will contest for President in 2023

Seasoned opposition leader Egypt Dzinemunenzva has indicated that he is planning to contest for President in 2023, after failing to do so in 2018.

Dzinemunenzva who leads the Forces of the Liberation Organisation of African National Party (FLOANP) ended up contesting for the Wedza North Parliamentary seat.

He said this was due to some of his party members who chickened out on him last minute. This saw him failing to get enough nominations.

In an interview with OpenParly, Dzinemunenzva said that work is underway to ensure that he contests for President.

‘’In 2023 I will contest for President. And we will field candidates in many constituencies so that we can win and get into government.   

‘’We have already started campaigning for the 2023 elections. In all the 10 provinces we have the targets that we have put in place. We are fighting to get finances so that we can implement our plans on time so that in 2023 we can have adequate preparation,’’ he said.

FLOANP deciding on the number of seats to contest

Dzinemunenzva also indicated that they are working to see how many seats they will contest for Parliament and local authorities.

He however said he will not reveal that much as he fears that Zanu PF might steal his strategies.

‘’We want to see how many constituencies that we can contest. The mayors, councillors, and Senators all have been planned for. But we won’t release our information, those are confidential issues,’’ he said.

The FLOANP leader said if his party wins the 2023 elections, they have already come up with about 14 issues that they will immediately address.

‘’As FLOANP, we have about 14 points that we are going to address when we come to power. These include farming which is currently being done badly.

‘’We will deal with industry to create employment for the young people. There is also the issue of minerals that have been given to China, to develop China.

‘’China was poor, but it has become rich through Zimbabwean minerals. We also plan to reform the police so that it becomes the country’s police. And we shall also deal with the issue of education among other things,’’ he said.

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