ZW$123m support for pregnant schoolgirls

ZW$123m support for pregnant school girls

Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube has proposed to allocate about ZW$123 million to support inclusion of pregnant girls in schools.

The government a few months ago adopted a law to allow pregnant girls back in class as a way of trying to ensure they don’t lag behind boys.

Girls are said to be dropping from school when they fall pregnant, a development which affects their development and contribution to the nation.

Countries such as Tanzania have put in place laws to arrest school girls who fall pregnant until they reveal the identity of the person responsible for the pregnancy.

However, that move has been criticised that only serves to deter girls from coming out in the open for fear of being arrested.

Speaking in the National Assembly while presenting the 2021 National Budget, Mthuli Ncube said the government will support the observance of the provision through budgetary allocations.

“The government allows non-exclusion of pregnant girls in schools and to ensure observance of this provision, psycho-social support will be enhanced at schools and an allocation of ZW$123 million has been set aside.

“Overall, an allocation of ZW$55.2 billion is being provided for the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education,” he said.

The Finance Minister also highlighted that he was allocating about ZW$2 billion to BEAM under social protection.

Most pupils fail to finish their eduction due to lack of resources and the BEAM program was birthed as a way for the government to assist each child with access.

However, most of the funds allocated towards BEAM will likely be used to service the huge debt that the program owe to schools.

Meanwhile, Minister Mthuli Ncube has tabled an ambitious ZW421.6 billion budget and this despite the fact that previous budget has failed tick.

Zimbabwe is currently going to through a lot of challenges economically, socially and politically and is in need of a stimulus to resurrect the struggling economy.