Why young people should register to vote

Why young people should register to vote
Why young people should register to vote

Why young people should register to vote


Young people are the leaders of tomorrow. However, what is of importance to note is that tomorrow is an extension of today with a few enhancements if any.

So, any talk about the future without considering today or laying the foundations today is not only a false start but also a recipe for disaster.

Zimbabwe occasionally holds general elections every five years, and these elections are what is used to frame the next five years and at times beyond.

It is a disfavour to oneself for young people to pride themselves in not participating in elections. It is more like mortgaging the future to the old generation, a crop of people most who will not be present.

As the country gears up for the impending by-elections in a few months time and eventually the general elections in 2023, young people need to do a self-check.

Perhaps there are some who don’t why they should register to vote and eventually vote, below are some of the reasons that should motivate you to register.

Every vote counts

Voting is a game of numbers and in Zimbabwe, the winner usually takes all. In the 2018 general elections, about 75% of registered people are said to have voted, while 25% opted to stay at home for one reason or another. However, that 25% that didn’t vote if added to elections results, could have changed the eventual outcome and even the winner. In any case, a winner for the Presidential election is required to get 50% plus 1 vote, so that one vote is important. In the 2008 elections opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai won the polls but failed to get beyond the 50%, and this could be because someone decided not to vote in that election.

Voting gives you a voice

Voting gives citizens, a voice to decide how they want to be ruled. It also gives them the power to choose who they want to lead them and in what capacity (President, MP, or Councillor). President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his new year address, said elections are the only platform that citizens have, to elect their representatives. This means if you choose not to vote, you have given others the responsibility of choosing a representative for you.

There are those who say we vote but we don’t get the result that we want, well, at least you would have tried and if anything bad happens you won’t feel guilt as you would have registered your displeasure, it’s different from someone who didn’t try.

What if you don’t like all the candidates on the ballot?

At times you might not like the candidates that are on the ballot paper, or even their policies, well that means it is also an opportunity for your to stand and be voted for, it’s open for everyone who has attained the required age regime.

In other jurisdictions, they also advise one to spoil their ballot as a protest. They call it a protest vote.

Voting is like playing for the national team

Voting gives people, a good feeling that they have participated in something of national importance. You see voting in national elections is like playing for the national team. The results of your participation affect everyone good or bad just like when the Warriors are playing