We want our stands before we leave Parliament: Senators

We want our stands before we leave Parliament: Senators
Senator for Harare Metropolitan Province Omega Sipani-Hungwe

Legislators have demanded speed allocation of residential stands they were promised by the government some few years ago.

The stands were part of a long list of demands that MPs have made to the government.

Other demands include new cars, gym, three-course meals, tablets, diplomatic passports, hefty salary and duty-free import licences among other things.

MPs also want provision for tea and soft drinks when they visit resident ministers.

Others also want free parking space in Harare to complement toll fees exemption.

Speaking in the Senate during a question-and-answer session, Senator for Harare Metropolitan Province Omega Sipani-Hungwe said they need to be allocated their stands because they are not sure they will return to Parliament in 2023.

‘’Parliament has done very well in terms of the welfare of Members of Parliament. I was in the 8th Parliament, and we were promised that we will be allocated residential stands. What is the progress in as far as those promised stands for Members of Parliament is concerned?

‘’Some of us will leave Parliament and some will not come back when the elections are held. And others have passed on. What is the status of the stands that you have promised us? And we paid some money towards the residential stands?

There is no money to service stands

Responding to the question, Local Government Deputy Minister Marian Chombo said there is no money now to service the stands.

‘’With regards to stands for MPs, I am in agreement with you that the majority of members are unhappy. They are justified in being disgruntled because even those in the 8th Parliament have not received their stands and we are now in the 9th Parliament.

‘’The reason was that the stands are there but have not been serviced. We do not have sufficient funding to service them. And it is now illegal for us to offer you an unserviced residential stand.

‘’We have however sat down with Parliament and asked them to look for funding to service the stands and allocate them to Honourable Members. We are at an advanced stage, very soon you will be told the majority of your stands will be serviced.

‘’I am asking Honourable Members who live outside Harare to also look for stands out there so that we put less pressure on the provision of serviced stands in Harare,’’ said Chombo.