MPs want free parking space in Harare

MPs want free parking space in Harare
Senator for Mashonaland East Province Jane Chifamba

Legislators have asked the government to consider availing to them free parking space the same way they do not pay toll fees.

Zimbabwe has about 350 legislators who got vehicles as part of their packages.

However, parking at Parliament building is not enough to accommodate all the vehicles.

This has seen some having to park in parking spaces around town where they are asked to pay parking fees.

Most of the legislators are not happy with the arrangement as they are of the view that they deserve to park their vehicles for free.

Speaking during a question and answer session in the Senate recently, Senator for Mashonaland East Jane Chifamba asked if it was possible for the government to make free parking provision for them.

‘’My question is directed to the Minister of Local Government. I would like to ask that as Honourable Members, are there any designated parking bays for Honourable Members where we do not pay.

‘’I request that the same arrangement that obtains at tollgates should also be done for Honourable Members and maybe there should be clarity whether there are places we are supposed to pay or not when parking our cars?

In her response to the question, the Deputy Minister of Local Government Marian Chombo said legislature have designated parking space along Third Street.

MPs want free parking space in Harare

‘’Thank you, Honourable Member, for asking that pertinent question. In Harare, as you know that this is where we converge as Honourable Members to do Parliament business, there are designated points at Third Street where every Honourable Member is supposed to park.

‘’I would like to believe that no Honourable Member has been given a ticket. However, if you see it fit that you should be given permission to park wherever you want to in town as an Honourable Member, as the Local Government, we can sit down with you and come to an agreement,’’ she said.

MPs want free parking space in Harare

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