Voters Are The Main Losers After Every Election Says Komichi


Senator Morgan Komichi has emphasized that voters are the main losers after every election and has appealed for unity to improve voters’ economic standing.

Zimbabwe continues to struggle with high inflation rates, high unemployment rate, currency volatility, food insecurity and long hours of load shedding.

The numerous challenges have increased over the years despite voters going to the polls to vote for efficiency.

Every five years Zimbabwe holds harmonized elections were the electorate select a president, member of parliament and councilor of their choice.

Speaking to Open Parly ZW last week, Senator Komichi argued that since elected officials are assured jobs, they are the ones who gain from the entire process.

“Currently the people of Zimbabwe are suffering in abject poverty yet after every 5 years we go for elections, and we create two jobs only which are member of parliament and councilor.

“The voter who we use to voter us to elect us languish and abject poverty,” he said.

Furthermore, Komichi acknowledges that revolutionary parties across Southern African countries have never ceded power to opposition political parties despite winning elections and has therefore made a plea for unity.

Government of National Unity

He made reference to the three times Government of National Unity (GNU) was established in Zimbabwe and benefited the ordinary person.

“At the moment the person who suffers the most is voter.

“Therefore, we need to think outside the box.

“We must consider uniting the nations, uniting the people, uniting generations because the conflict that is there now is the young generation versus the old generation.

“If we unite these generations and have peace in the country we will be able to focus on the economy of our country.

When we focus on the economy of our country then the whole nation benefits,” he added.

The last GNU in Zimbabwe was established after the 2008 elections and managed to bring positive change to the economic situation in a short period of time.