Voter Registration: ZEC Runs Out Of Paper


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is running out of paper used to print voter registration slips for successful registrants.

Nine days ago, ZEC rolled out the mobile voter registration to mop up the unregistered voters before the upcoming elections slated for either July or August this year.

This is the last mobile voter registration exercise to be conducted by the commission before the harmonized elections.

Registrants, electoral watch dogs, law makers, councilors and political activities highlighted the following challenges since the commencement of the voter registration exercise, mal functioning machines, slow process, shortage of stationary, load shedding and technical difficulties.

In addition to this the commission in some centers is running out of paper used to print voter registration slips known as thermal paper.

Meaning after the successfully registering to vote, one has no way to prove the process successful.

In a statement issued via twitter the commission regrets the inconveniences but urges first time registrants to continue with the process despite the shortage.

“The commission is encouraging aspiring registrants to feel comfortable registering at some centers that would have temporally run out thermal paper used to print voter registration confirmation receipts.

“The unavailability of a confirmation receipt does not affect one’s registration as a voter.

“Those in need of the receipts will be advised in due course regarding when and where to collect them,” read the statement.

Challenges experienced during the on going voter registration exercise indicates that the commission had not anticipated the turn out or the commission did not have adequate stationary in the first place.

The additional challenge comes at a time when stakeholders are unimpressed by the conduct of the commission.