There is massive suffering at Chikurubi

There is massive suffering at Chikurubi

MDC Alliance legislator Job Sikhala has revealed that inmates are suffering at Chikurubi Maximum Prison to the extent that they are using blankets which are not even suitable for a dog’s kennel.

Sikhala who was released from Chikurubi on bail recently, said the jail is no longer fit for humans and must be closed.

Talking to Q-Dube on Magamba Network’s Take-Down, the legislator said people eat sadza and beans the whole year.

“There is huge suffering at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, you cannot feed on beans and badly cooked sadza for 365 days. You cannot feed on spinach throughout the year.

“There is massive suffering where other people’s buttocks can be seen from tattered prison-gab which they will be wearing.

“People are sleeping on blankets that are not even suitable for a dog’s kennel. So the situation there is inhumane and people are living the lives that you will never ever wish one day to go through,” he said.

There is massive suffering at Chikurubi

Conditions of blankets at Chikurubi Prison

He so dire is the situation that blankets are thick with dirty as there is no washing powder to wash them.

“The blankets at Chikurubi Prison are stinking and they are also thick of dirty. They do not have soap or washing-powder to wash those blankets so the situation is extremely unbelievable.

“Standard of living they have been having at Chikurubi is really terrible, its unbelievable. You would not wish human beings to be exposed to such conditions,” said Sikhala.

The Zengeza West legislator added that it seems the current government is failing to deal with situation at Chikurubi.

He challenged the people of Zimbabwe to ensure that the next generation of leaders in the country should fix the problem.

On top of that, the legislator said “Chikurubi must be shut down, it must become a museum because it does not worthy human survival.

“I don’t know what was in the mind of that person who designed Chikurubi Prison. That person must be sadist, a person who had no respect for life and civilisation,” he said. Get More Covid-19 Stats from #ZimbabweanLivesMatters

There is massive suffering at Chikurubi