Nasper Manyau finally sworn in as Senator

Nasper Manyau finally sworn in as Senator
Senator Nasper Manyau was sworn in yesterday

Nasper Manyau finally sworn in as Senator

Disability activist Nasper Manyau has taken an oath of office to become a Senator, following her narrow win in the by-elections.

Manyau is replacing the late Senator Rejoice Timire.

Making the announcement in the Senate, President of the Senate Mable Chinomona said Parliament was informed by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) that Senator Manyau is the new representative of persons with disabilities in the Senate.

‘’On the 1st of June 2022, Parliament was notified by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), that Nasper Manyau has been appointed a Member of the Senate for the people with disabilities to fill the vacancy which occurred following the death of Honourable Senator Rejoice Timire.

‘’The appointment is with effect from 14th May 2022. Section 128 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides that before a Member of Parliament takes his or her seat in Parliament, the Member must take the Oath of a Member of Parliament in the form set out in the Third Schedule.

‘’Section 128 (2), states that the oath must be taken before the Clerk of Parliament. I, therefore, call upon the Clerk of Parliament to administer the oath of a Member of Parliament to Honourable Senator Nasper Manyau,’’ she said.

The Senate in Zimbabwe has about 80 legislators, 60 of who are appointed through proportional representation using a zebra system.

There are 18 chiefs who are elected from the Chiefs Council, as well as two Senators representing persons with disabilities.

Persons with disabilities have often complained that while they applaud the quota, the representation is too little considering the huge number of disabled persons in Zimbabwe.

Although political parties in the country have often mentioned having a disability policy, they have often been exposed when it comes to elections. Political parties have largely side-lined persons with disabilities from contesting for the elected posts.

Nasper Manyau finally sworn in as Senator