Mudenda demands timeous disbursement of Parly funds

Mudenda demands timeous disbursement of Parly funds
Mudenda demands timeous disbursement of Parly funds

Mudenda demands timeous disbursement of Parly funds

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda has demanded that the treasury should disburse funds allocated to Parliament in the budget timeously.

The ministry of finance has been under attack over delays in disbursing allocated funds.

These delays have seen various government institutions failing to discharge their duties effectively.

So dire is the situation that most government departments are yet to receive even half of their allocated 2021 budget funds.

Speaking at the official opening of the pre-budget seminar in Victoria Falls, Honourable Mudenda said the situation was disappointing and needs to be addressed.

‘’As I reach the twilight of my statement, I must reiterate that the sovereignty of our Parliament demands that the institution be allocated an adequate Budget vote which will facilitate the judicious discharge of the functions explicitly outlined in Section 117 and 119 of the Constitution.

‘’Moreover, Section 325(1)(b) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe peremptorily provides that “The Government must ensure that adequate funds are provided to Parliament, to enable it and its committees to meet whenever necessary”. 

‘’Parliament, through the various Portfolio and Thematic Committees, should be able to perform its sacred tripartite roles of representation, oversight and legislation to the highest degree of competence and sterling achievement. I cannot overemphasize that a well-resourced Parliament is a dignified institution. I, therefore, look forward to witnessing a Parliament that is well resourced, especially as we plan to move to the New Parliament Building as of the second quarter of 2022.

‘’It is quite disheartening to note that over the years the Budget approved for Parliament has not been complemented with the adequate and timeous release of funds. For instance, as of September 2021, a paltry 38% of the Budget had been released to Parliament. I, therefore, demand that the Minister of Finance and Economic Development expeditiously implement the CSRO resolutions for the timeous quarterly release of funds to Parliament.

‘’This will guarantee the independence of the institution and foster the effective discharge of its constitutional mandate. In that regard, I implore you, Honourable Members, to ensure that there is economic efficiency and effectiveness in the entire Budget process.

‘’Let me remind you that Parliament plays an integral role, not only in the Budget formulation and approval stage but also during Budget execution and audit. It is during the Budget execution stage that Committees must monitor the actual release of funds from the Treasury against the approved Budget.

‘’Releases to some extent have been dismal rendering the Budget approval process a celebrated pipe dream. It is the role of Parliamentary Committees to ensure that the Budget is expeditiously rolled out to benefit the communities we serve, especially under the Devolution ecosystem,’’ he said.

Mudenda demands timeous disbursement of Parly funds