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Mnangagwa has undermined women: LEAD

Mnangagwa has undermined women: LEAD

Labour Economists Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) says the decision to appoint Christopher Shumba as permanent secretary of women affairs, shows that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not sincere on issues of gender balance.

Women’s issues are topical in Zimbabwe these days as the country put efforts to realign subsidiary laws to the constitution.

In a statement, LEAD presidential spokesperson Everjoy Chidindi said Shumba cannot be the permanent secretary of women affairs because he does not appreciate women’s issues

‘’It is quite ironic that the President of Zimbabwe Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, appointed Christopher Shumba, a male as the Permanent Secretary for Women ‘s Affairs. In our quest as a nation to ensure that there is women empowerment, it is an oxymoron to have Shumba as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women Affairs, community, small to medium enterprises.

‘’It seems like there is no sincerity at all by the current government to promote gender balance in all organs of the state as enshrined in section 17 of the constitution of Zimbabwe.

‘’It is common cause that a man can never have a better appreciation of issues that affect women. Who else has the power to change a situation and issue more than that who has better appreciation and experience of it?

‘’We feel undermined and belittled as women by this appointment considering the structural deformities and systematic marginalization of women in governance issues since time immemorial,’’ she said.

LEAD to stand firm on gender balance

The constitution encourages the government to ensure there is gender balance in its appointments of people in public offices.

This has also seen women demanding 50-50 representation in Parliament.

Women are generally deemed to be marginalized. The marginalisation dates back to the days of colonial rule where they were never counted as adults.

The Linda Masarira led party said it will continue to stand firm in demanding gender balance in the country.

‘’In a nutshell as LEAD one of our main objectives is to condemn inequality and gender imbalance. So we will stand firm in ensuring that gender balance is implemented in full force guided by the values, national objectives and the declaration of human rights, women ‘s rights to be precise,’’ said Chidindi.

Mnangagwa has undermined women: LEAD

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