Ministers have failed us, we now want Mnangagwa to come to Parliament

Ministers have failed us, we now want Mnangagwa to come to Parliament
Ministers have failed us, we now want Mnangagwa to come to Parliament

Ministers have failed us, we now want Mnangagwa to come to Parliament

Senator for Bulawayo Province Mildret Reason Dube says it’s now time for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to personally come to Parliament as his ministers have failed.

According to Honourable Dube, the ministers abscond Parliament while others fail to give meaningful answers to issues raised.

Speaking during a debate on a motion which is calling for the crafting of policies that address and plug loopholes related to tax evasion, illicit financial flows and corruption in the mining sector, Honourable Dube said many motions have been brought but nothing has changed.

‘’Firstly, what I want to say is that since 2018 at the onset of this Parliament, we have had motions that do not end and which do not have answers. Every day we bring in motions which have different wording but they remain the same.

‘’What causes that is that the Ministers do not come in on Thursdays when we ask questions. We can spend the whole week debating but on Thursdays, they do not come and they do know what would have been debated on like this issue in this House.

‘’My view is that the messengers that we are sending are not getting to the authorities. When we ask questions during Question Time, it is like they are dodging and they do not respond to the questions. I think we should come together and find out whom we should send because these Ministers have failed us. We should send someone to the President to put across our issues because things are not moving in our country,’’ she said.

The Senator added that it appears the President is not aware of the challenges that are happening in the country and in the economy.

She said the ministers and those close to him are blocking him from knowing the truth of what is obtaining.

‘’In the last session, we debated on the issue of illegal miners and it looks like the President is not aware and the issues are not reaching his ears. Some ministers are afraid of being labelled incompetent. We should plead with the President to come and then we put across our issues. These mining activities have really destroyed our country. Nothing is coming out of those mines. The gold is not being channeled to Fidelity.

‘’I feel that the President is not being told the truth about what is taking place because of the people around him who are involved in the illegal mining. We should tell the President what is happening. Our President is a very good leader but there are some people who are sabotaging him.

‘’It is not all the people but some of them. The country is not moving well because of people who are lazy. There are some people who entered politics with nothing but became rich overnight and now they are staying outside the country. I will repeat my statement that the President should come and we should talk to him so that he knows what is happening in Zimbabwe.

‘’Right now when you go out of the country and tell people that you are getting US$180 as a salary, they say are you mad, there is nothing like that. We tell them that our salaries are coming from proceeds of mining activities in Chiadzwa. The ministers who come here on Thursdays are not taking our issues seriously to the President so that he may understand our situation. ‘’The President should flex his muscles because from 2018, all these motions have been debated in this House but there are no results,’’ she said.

Ministers have failed us, we now want Mnangagwa to come to Parliament