#ElectionsZW: We are coming for you Kuda Tagwirei says Biti

#ElectionsZW: We are coming for you Kuda Tagwirei says Biti
#ElectionsZW: We are coming for you Kuda Tagwirei says Biti

Newly elected Harare East legislator Tendai Biti has warned that he is coming to Parliament to deal with corruption and controversial businessman Kuda Tagwirei.

Tagwirei is accused of unfairly benefiting from government tenders, especially the Command Agriculture Program and the Dema Diesel Power plant.

Speaking a few hours after being declared the winner in Harare East, Biti who was the Public Accounts Committee said he is going to up gears against corruption.

‘’We want to up gears. We want to make sure we are in the communities we are going to have MPs clinics or surgery where we will sit on a Saturday to hear people’s complaints and about discrepancies in other jurisdictions. We also want to use CDF to build something that is useful in the area, we are also going to have our own vehicle that will be collecting refuse in the area.

‘’But real work will be in Parliament that is where my strength is. We are going for corruption; we are going against corruption.

‘’We are coming for you Kuda Tagwirei, we are coming for you Bill Reutenburg. The land barons, the cartels we are coming for them.

‘’So, if you are Kuda Tagwirei you better go to the bathroom because we are coming for you,’’ he said.

Tagwirei funded Mavis Gumbo campaign

According to Biti, he was contesting against Kuda Tagwirei whom he accused of financing Mavis Gumbo’s campaign.

‘’This has been an amazing campaign it has been the most difficult elections that I have ever participated in. We were facing a deranged candidate but the real person we were fighting was Kuda Tagwirei. He was hiding behind the skirts of Mavis Gumbo. ‘’So, they poured money into her campaign but what was the most disappointing about this campaign was the violence. Our people were beaten, people were bashed, people had wounds, cars were destroyed, and so forth. But it mustn’t be like that, people can differ but not use violence,’’ he said.