Don’t sideline experts when choosing COVID-19 vaccine

Don't sideline experts when choosing COVID-19 vaccine

Don’t sideline experts when choosing COVID-19 vaccine

The government has been warned against side-lining vaccine experts when deciding on the type of vaccine that will be rolled out in the country.

There are currently more than 20 COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Zimbabwe is said to be testing some of the vaccines to determine the one that will be suitable for the country.

Speaking on Tuesday Talk, former Minister of Health Henry Madzorera said ignoring experts will prove disastrous for the country.

“I would like to urge the government to work closely with our experts in Zimbabwe in choosing the type of vaccine.

“The vaccine they are going to bring into Zimbabwe and then also in doing the necessary testing and rollout.

“We saw a situation previously where politicians went to buy medical equipment in China and that was a disastrous. They didnt bring the correct equipment.

“You need to get experts to confirm that it works in Zimbabwe and it speaks to our other machines, you cant go with politicians alone.

“So that is my advise to government as they try to roll out the vaccine. I hope they have put aside a lot of money for this program. And I hope the international community will help us as they have done in the past in rolling out certain vaccines,” he said.

How vaccines are rolled out

Dr Madzorera added that there will be need for rigorous tests by the experts before rolling out to the citizens.

He said “what normally happens is that government consults with our expects in the area of vaccines and we have trials that are done by our experts.

“You don’t just order a vaccine and you start vaccinating the whole population at once no. You want to know how that vaccine will interact with your people in Zimbabwe.

“With vaccines you can never assume that a vaccine that works in Russians will also work the same way in Zimbabweans.

“You got to do your own studies with within your country and make sure that its safe that is probably what is going to happen,” he said. #OpenCovidContracts

Don’t sideline experts when choosing COVID-19 vaccine