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Deputy Minister Maboyi: Govt has no money to buy cars for the police

Deputy Minister Maboyi: Govt has no money to buy cars for the police

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Deputy Minister Ruth Mavhunga-Maboyi has told Parliament that the government does not have money to buy vehicles for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) so that it can attend to crimes.

In recent times there appears to be an increase in robberies around the country due to a lack of patrols by the police.

At times when the police are called to attend to crimes, they ask the victims to provide the transport for them.

This prompted Chief Ngezi to ask for the government’s plan towards capacitating the police so that they can attend to crimes.

In her response to the question, Deputy Minister Mavhunga-Maboyi acknowledged the shortages but attributed them to the lack of funds.

‘’I would like to thank Honourable Senator Chief Ngezi for the pertinent question. Yes, we have plans concerning those police officers to look for vehicles for them to use so that the service is reliable.

‘’However, we are having problems with funds. We have a lot of places that do not have vehicles to use, and we have observed that our police officers are poorly resourced in terms of lack of transportation system, especially when there are armed robbery and murder cases, the police service is not reliable, and they cannot easily attend to the crime scenes because they do not have vehicles.

‘’Therefore, we have plans that if we have enough funds, we will buy cars for the police officers so that they have adequate transport. There is also the issue of registering documents for the people, it takes a lot of funds from our budget but if we raise funds, we will do that.

‘’At least at each police station, there should be one vehicle and if we find enough funding, we will do that,’’ she said. Besides the lack of vehicles, most police stations are in a state of neglect and lack various equipment such as computers and stationery among others.

Deputy Minister Maboyi: Govt has no money to buy cars for the police

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