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Amendment Bill No.2: Mwonzora to engage Zanu PF

MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora says he is going to engage Zanu PF over Constitution Amendment Bill No.2 that recently sailed through National Assembly.

The Bill was voted for by about 191 legislators while 22 others rejected.

Some of the legislators from MDC-T also voted in favour of the Bill.

Speaking during a press conference at Harvest House, Mwonzora said his party is going to raise its concerns to Zanu PF before the Bill comes to Senate.

“This Bill is going to be subjected to the Senate and it is our intention as the MDC to engage with Zanu PF before this Bill comes to the Senate with the concerns that we have as a political party. And we want to make it clear to the people of Zimbabwe that we will always act in the best interest of the majority of the Zimbabweans.

‘’And to the women o f Zimbabwe we shall act in the best interest of the women in Zimbabwe and that includes making sure that they are represented.

‘’To the youth of Zimbabwe, we will make sure that we act in the best interest of youth and in conjunction with our philosophy that the youths are the leaders of today and not leaders of tomorrow,’’ he said.  

Some Zimbabweans who commented on Twitter following the voting process in Parliament, were of the view that MDC-T sold out.

This also comes just a few weeks after the Mwonzora led party joined hands with Zanu PF to pass the controversial Amendment Bill No.1

The two Bills are seeking among other things to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa more powers in government.

Among what has been voted for include extending the Proportional Representation Clause, scrapping the running mates Clause, adding 10 more seats for youths in the National Assembly and appointing seven ministers from outside Parliament.

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