ZINARA paid gym fees for workers despite buying them gym equipment

ZINARA paid gym fees for workers despite buying them gym equipment
ZINARA paid gym fees for workers despite buying them gym equipment

Parliament was told that despite splashing thousands of dollars on home gym equipment for its workers, ZINARA continued to pay gyms fees for the same workers at various gyms.

This was revealed by Mberengwa East legislator Marko Raidza who is part of the Public Accounts Committee that investigated the conduct of ZINARA.

Adding his voice to the committee report on ZINARA, Honourable Raidza said the beneficiary workers were not even entitled to get those allowances. 

“The other allowance that was also astonishing was the gym allowance.  The company was paying the gym companies on behalf of the employees but at the same time, the company was also buying the gym equipment for the same employees so there was double-dipping there.

‘’If the employees wanted to go to the gym, the allowance could be fine and not necessarily also the company buying for them the gym equipment.  As we were going deeper with the forensic report, we discovered that all these allowances that were being paid to these employees were not provided for in their contracts of employment.

‘’We have a feeling that management and the board at ZINARA was just there to prejudice the road authorities and the good intentions of our government when they established ZINARA.  Those are some of the issues Mr. Speaker Sir, that I said let me add my voice on so that at least we can work out on the best modality for ZINARA on how best they can support the plan that our Government is having for our roads,” he said.

Honourable Raidza added that the poor state of roads in the country is because of the poor affairs at ZINARA.

He said the parastatal was being run efficiently, Zimbabwe would have had better roads than what is available now.

‘’As we heard last week, our President has announced that there are some several billions that have to be invested in our roads because they are in a bad state.  The state of our roads currently was also equally contributed by the way ZINARA was being run.

‘’I think if it was run efficiently, we could not be in a situation that we are in now as a country.  When these fund accounts are created, they need serious monitoring and evaluation to make sure that they are sticking to their mandate and they are sticking to their establishing Act of Parliament,’’ he said.