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Women should take up leadership roles: Zaza

By Daniel Chigundu

Seasoned female playwriter Zaza Muchemwa says women should take up leadership roles because they are capable of bringing a different kind of leadership.

Women in Zimbabwe claim they are blocked from taking up leadership roles in both social, economic and political sectors owing to patriarchal systems in place.

Their claim can be evidenced even by the dismal showing in the 2018 general elections where less than 30 women were directly elected into Parliament out of 210 seats.

However, speaking on Moto Republik’s Women Creative Wednesday, Zaza said she is disappointed that women’s capabilities are always questioned and yet they are able to take up any position with success.

Women should take up leadership roles: Zaza

“I am disappointed that we keep talking about this question because I think women can be capable, women can be intelligent, women can be strong, women can be educated, can be highly qualified for whatever position that they seek to take up.

“So I think the role of women is for them to take up leadership roles for them to be part of the decision-making process because I think maybe women are going to show us a different kind of leadership.

“A leadership that is more community centred, a leadership that is less egocentric and a leadership that is going to think more in terms of what legacy is going to be left behind,” she said.

Zaza who is also a film director and poet says she supports the idea of letting pregnant girls continue with school.

The government through the Education Amendment Act said pregnant girls should be allowed to continue their schooling.

“Please let pregnant girls go back to school,” said Zaza, “Why should their lives be derailed because they have fallen pregnant.

“Children aged 12 years should be given sexual reproductive health education and if that follows up with the material that they have to have then so be it because we cannot ignore the biological processes.

“The only danger is when we ignore those processes and pretend that they are not happening and then we leave kids to figure out on their own,” she said.

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