Where are the jobs, Mr President?

Where are the jobs Mr President?

Parliament has asked the Zanu PF government to provide the jobs it promised to the people in its election manifesto during the 2018 general elections.

Unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is said to be around 85% with the majority of people turning to vending in order to feed their families.

The number is high due to the effects of poor economic policies by the Zanu PF government which has seen many companies closing shop, or scaling down on production.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Norton legislator Temba Mliswa said there was no employment to talk about in the country despite the election promise.

“Mr Speaker, for us we cannot talk about the unemployment rate at this point in time because there is no employment.

“May we understand from a figure’s point of view, the employment which was promised to the people, where has it gone?

According to Mliswa, the failure by Zanu PF to deliver on its election promises makes him support Thokozani Khupe’s stance of dialoguing with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“This is where I support Honourable Khupe in saying we are in this House to tell each other the truth. We are in this House not to patronise anybody. We are in dialogue and we work with the President because he is the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

“In working with the President, we shall not shy away from equally being constructive in saying that the Manifesto that you promised the people of Zimbabwe is not coming to fruition that is not a crime. That requires us to be able to say that and say all these issues that you say you give to the people, where are they today?

“It takes us to be doing that and that is the reason why I applaud the stance taken by Honourable Khupe to say I will talk to him but when I talk to him it is about the nation, at the end of the day -I will be here to argue and I am glad that Honourable Members on this side you are now performing. You are actually more effective than the majority who were there because there is now a substance. We are now building the country by talking about real issues,” he said.