Bring Mnangagwa to Parly for questioning: Mliswa

Bring Mnangagwa to Parly for questioning: Mliswa

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa called on Parliament to ensure that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is invited to answer questions in the National Assembly about the success or failures of his State of Nation Addresses (SONAs).

President Mnangagwa has been coming to Parliament to deliver his SONA during the official opening of Parliamentary sitting sessions, but has not afforded Parliament time to question him.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Mliswa said the only way to enhance debate on the SONA is to have Mnangagwa coming to answer questions.

“Mr Speaker Sir, it is not a secret that SONA has come and gone but what is also obvious is that there has never been a review of any SONA. We have a tendency of writing and not implementing. At no point are we ever told the achievements of the last SONA and the challenges, which is critical.

“For a very long time, we have listened to the SONA and equally what needs to be done to enhance the debate is to also invite the President to the House and take some questions which is a provision in the Constitution and the Standing Orders which I implore you as the Chair to make that happen.

“For as long as we have the President announcing SONA, we also want him to come and tell us of the success while he is in office and the challenges. It gives that opportunity because by reading and us asking questions, we do not comprehend neither are we representing the people in the context that it should.

“It is important that we take it a step further. I would therefore implore the ruling party which is the governing party to caucus on this need to invite the President and not be seen to be undermining him but to also be adhering to the Constitution,” he said.

Mliswa added that the government was adhering to the constitution by compensating farmers and must therefore adhere to it also by inviting the President.

“We are adhering to the Constitution in terms of the global fund for the farmers but why are we not adhering to the Constitution in terms of inviting the President to answer to the State of the Nation Address and other challenges and successes which are there.

“It is important that we align ourselves to that,” he said.

However, should Mnangagwa agree to be questioned in Parliament, it will be first since his predecessor Robert Mugabe never availed such an opportunity.

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