Tsvangirai dumps Youth Committee in favour of Climate Change

Tsvangirai dumps Youth Committee in favour of Climate Change
Tsvangirai dumps Youth Committee in favour of Climate Change

Glenview South legislator Vincent Tsvangirai has dumped the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Youth in favour of the one on Environment and Climate Change.

In an interview on why he left the committee, Honourable Tsvangirai said youth issues cut across every committee. He added that he does not need to be in the youth committee specifically to champion youth-related issues.

‘’Do I need to be in the youth committee to be able to champion youth issues? There are so many platforms you can champion young people issues. Youth issues apply everywhere you are.

‘’For example, I also sit in the Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services and there I have been talking and lobbying for more people in the security forces to be elevated in the hope that these younger service members can bring the much-needed change in our security forces. And maybe they can bring new ideas on how to tackle our home affairs issues like e-passport and e-ID.

‘’I also am a delegate to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), and I contribute on an international level in the forum for young parliamentarians where we are saying we need more young people in positions of authority.

‘’So, I can just be as effective as I hope I was in the youth committee and push young people issues in my new committee,’’ he said.

Why did Tsvangirai choose Climate Change?

Tsvangirai also revealed that his decision to join the environment committee is a result of his passion for the matter.

‘’Firstly, climate activism is something I am developing a strong passion. I often time these days ponder what the world will be in 50 years. Every year we are seeing the climate change in extremely dramatic and rapid ways.

‘’Secondly, after Parliament, I want to get into more environmental and climate change work so going to this committee should be good exposer.

‘’And thirdly I have always said that I must learn many things I want to pursue after politics. And I am trying to learn as much as I can while I am in this political phase of my life. I have learnt a lot from my previous committee, and I shall add what I have learnt there to my repertoire,’’ he said.