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Tsitsi Gezi re-elected Deputy Speaker

Zanu PF’s prefered candidate for the position of Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Tsitsi Gezi has been elected unopposed.

Section 127 of the Constitution and Standing Order Number 8, require that when the National Assembly first meets after a General Election, and as soon as practicable after the election of Speaker, it shall elect a Member of the National Assembly not being a Vice President, Minister or Deputy Minister to be the Deputy Speaker and Chairperson of Committees.

Zanu PF’s legislator Honourable Simbanegavi nominated Honourable Tsitsi Gezi for the position. However, as there were no other nominations for the position, the Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda declared her the winner.

‘’Are there any further nominations?  There being no further nominations, I therefore declare Tsitsi Gezi duly elected to the Office of Deputy Speaker,’’ he said.

Honourable was also Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly in the 9th Parliament of Zimbabwe.

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