CCC Faction Led by Timba Disowns Ncube and Mafume


In a dramatic turn of events, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Promise Mkwanazi flanked by Amos Chibaya publicly disowned Professor Welshman Ncube and Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume from the party.

Chibaya who was the organizing secretary of the party before Chamisa had been travelling around the country mobilizing support for what has been coined by supporters the blue movement. During the mobilization meetings some members we labelled as traitors.

Last February, Mafume presided over a press conference and announced that Ncube, Tendai Biti and Lynette Karenyi-Kore on a rotational basis were going to be presidents of the CCC.

This announcement came a few weeks after another CCC faction announcement that Jameson Timba was the interim leader of the party after the resignation of founding president Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa resigned from the party through a 13-page document citing that the party had been hijacked and contaminated. However, he promised supporters that he will give them a signal for the next course of action to take.

The Timba led faction insists they are still engaging Nelson Chamisa.

After Chamisa’s resignation, Mt Pleasant member of parliament Fadzayi Mahere and Harare East legislator Allan Markham resigned from parliament leaving their constituencies without representation.

The two had been elected in the August 2023 elections but chose to resign in solidarity with Chamisa. However, other legislators remained in parliament.

During a press conference held last Thursday, Mkwananzi disassociated Ncube and Mafume from the party.

Mkwananzi Speaks

“The Citizen National Assembly (CNA) resolved to disassociate itself from pronouncement made by one Jacob Mafume purporting to be the spokesperson of the CCC.

“The spokesperson of the CCC is here present and presently speaking and that is Promise.

“I will therefore dispel any doubt as to the leadership question of the CCC in that regard we want to state that Professor Welshman Ncube is not the president of the CCC, Sengezo Tshabangu is not the Secretary General of the CCC and accordingly Jacob Mafume is not the spokesperson of the CCC,” said Mkwananzi flanked by Amos Chibaya.

While Mkwananzi announced today that Ncube and Mafume were not representing CCC the factions within the party had long been visible. Ncube and Biti were no longer seen with Chamisa or speaking for the party.

The factions have confused supporters who do not know whether another movement is being built or whether the MPs in parliament under the CCC banner are traitors.

However, during his address Mkwanazi made no mention of Biti and Karenyi-Kore.