Still no joy for Linda Masarira despite ZEC reprieve


Still no joy for Linda Masarira despite ZEC reprieve #ElectionsZW

Labour Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) president Linda Masarira has not yet paid her nomination fees despite the reprieve by ZEC to candidates who faced challenges with the payment system.

According to Masarira, when she got to the High Court where the nomination for Presidential Candidates was being held, she found no one.

However, after phone calls, she says she was told that she does not fall into the category of those being targeted by the reprieve.

Below is what Masarira said of her ordeal

“I got to the ZEC President Candidate Nomination court at 1650 and they had already packed. The court was already empty, a friendly ZEC official then called the Presiding officer and the team, who advised me that they were not aware of the statement.

“I called the ZEC CEO, who told me that I am not in the category of those who had been given a lifeline as I had not yet made a payment. What is really frustrating is that the ZEC staff told me yesterday not to proceed with the transfer as it would not reflect by midnight and seeing Valerie’s team proof of payments being rejected I found no reason to make the payment and pursue the legal route.

“Legally, I have 48hrs to appeal at high court. Will try the legal route to compel ZEC to accept my RTGS transfer. The struggle continues unabated!