Social Welfare Minister happy with an oppressive law

Social Welfare Minister happy with oppressive law
Social Welfare Minister happy with oppressive law

Social Welfare Minister happy with an oppressive law

Public Service, Labour, and Social Welfare Minister Paul Mavima has told the National Assembly that he is satisfied with the amendments he has made to the PVO Amendment Bill.

The amendments were however trashed by legal and parliamentary watchdog Veritas Zimbabwe in its weekly bulletin series Bill Watch.

According to Veritas Zimbabwe, the amendments do not make the Bill any better than what it was.

According to legal experts, the Bill is not necessary and will not achieve what it says it wants to achieve in its current format.

Others have labelled it as another government venture of trying to gag civic society organisation by shrinking the critical civic spaces.

However, Mavima is having none of that as he is satisfied with the changes that he made from the original Bill that was first gazetted.

Speaking in the National Assembly, Minister Mavima said the Bill will bring clarity and order in the PVO sector.

‘’Let me start by thanking all Hon. Members who made contributions to the Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment Bill. The contributions were extensive and were useful.

‘’We responded as extensively as the Members had contributed and most of their concerns were taken into consideration with the amendments that were submitted. I am happy with the Bill as it stands at the moment.

‘’Madam Speaker, this is a Bill that will bring order into the PVO sector. It will make sure that there is clarity on how PVOs are registered, are supposed to operate, the specific mandates and geographical areas, the level in our country at which they are supposed to operate, be it at the district, provincial or national level.

‘’The necessary partnerships with Government agencies and departments, everything is clearly outlined.

‘’There is also clear indication of the coordination mechanism that Government will use in order to coordinate the activities of PVOs. There is also clarity and adequate safeguards against money-laundering and the proliferation of terrorism which is an international requirement and which we had to abide by as Zimbabwe.

‘’So, I am very happy with the Bill Madam Speaker as well as the amendments that we have proffered. It is on this basis that I propose that the Bill be now read a second time,’’ he said.

Social Welfare Minister happy with an oppressive law