Police Special Constabularies to get better uniforms

Police Special Constabularies to get better uniforms
Police Special Constabularies to get better uniforms

Police Special Constabularies to get better uniforms

Homes Affairs Deputy Minister Ruth Maboyi has told Parliament that the police special constabularies (neighbourhood Watch police) will get better uniforms soon.

The Special Constabularies often wear old and worn-out police uniforms which have seen them being ridiculed in communities.

Mostly these Special Constabularies are found in rural areas, while a few are also visible in urban areas.

Deputy Minister Maboyi was speaking in the National Assembly following a question from Binga South legislator Honourable Joel Gabbuza, who wanted to know why the government was allowing the special constabulary to wear uniforms that tarnish the image of the police.

Maboyi said ‘’Thank you Honourable Speaker Ma’am and thank you Honourable Gabbuza. Yes, you are very correct.  At times some wear shirts which are not very good but remember we had problems with our economy.  We are going to address those issues so that they match the Ministry or the Police Force,’’ she said. 

Special constabularies are being paid

Asked on whether the special constabularies are paid, the deputy minister said ‘’Yes, indeed they are given, but I do not have the figures because it is different, depending on when they were employed, their rank and what duties they do.  A special constabulary is just like a constable.

‘’If you want the figures, I will bring them to you next week.

‘’…what you should understand is that we value and prioritise these members of the Neighbourhood Watch Committees.  Most of them stay close to us in rural areas and I will mostly touch on those who are in rural settlements.  Whilst police officers stay five kilometres away from the rural areas, the Special Constabularies stay close to us and that is where we report our cases,’’ she said.

In street lingo, the special constabulary police are often referred to as ndini ndamubata. This is loosely translated ‘’I am the one who made the arrest’’-

Police Special Constabularies to get better uniforms