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Parly wants to know why Joseph Nemaisa was fired, as robbery cases surge

Parly wants to know why Joseph Nemaisa was fired, as robbery cases surge

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has demanded that the Ministry of Home Affairs should bring a ministerial statement detailing why former CID detective Joseph Nemaisa was fired.

Nemaisa was fired from the police a few years ago.

The detective is firmed for gunning down three gunmen who had held his family hostage last year.

With the cases of armed robberies on the increase, Honourable Mliswa is of the view that if Nemaisa was still in the force, the situation could have been different due to his alleged prowse.

Speaking during a question and answer session in Parliament a few weeks ago Mliswa said government must explain why an expert in dealing with robberies why fired.

‘’We have got experts who are good at dealing with armed robbers. One of them is Nemaisa. Why can you not bring Nemaisa back to the police? Nemaisa was fired because of Delish Nguwaya. When he arrested Nguwaya at the time, Nemaisa was fired over a personal issue. We would want to know why one of the best experts in dealing with homicide was fired. I would want you to give us a Ministerial Statement.

‘’What wrong did Nemaisa do in terms of his conduct with the police? Not only that, why was he fired? If there was anything Madam Speaker, I think it was a personal issue where he arrested Nguwaya and he was then fired. We now lost a top cop who was experienced in terms of homicide.

‘’I know that this country has got some of the best homicide people but all of them have been purged because of personal differences and so forth. Right now, we are going through the worst policing ever in this country under Commissioner General Matanga.’

‘’During the days of Augustine Chihuri, whether you like it or not, there was no such crime. Chihuri could have been anything but there was control in the police and there was discipline. Whether it was corrupt or not, there was still discipline with the corruption in the police because he was in total control.

‘’Right now, there is no total control of the police in this country. We need the Minister to come up with a Ministerial Statement in terms of the firearms database of this country.

‘’It is very important. We need a database of the firearms in this country, those which are registered and those which are not and we are able to account. Without doing that we will have even our own kids having guns. There needs to be an audit of the firearms in this country for those licensed and those not licensed for us to deal with these armed robberies.

‘’I therefore request for a Ministerial Statement in terms of the firearms which are in the country,’’ he said.

However, in her response to the request, the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Ruth Mavhunga-Maboyi promised to bring the statement, but added that she doe not know who Nemaisa is.

‘’Thank you very much Honourable Mliswa. I think this was an advice. Thank you very much. It was an advice that we look as Nemaisa used to do. I do not know him by the way, but we are going to do a report. ‘’The Ministerial Statement is going to be brought in here and that good advice, but tomorrow do not talk of human rights because we are going to enter into all the houses – including yours, searching for guns,’’ she said.

Parly wants to know why Joseph Nemaisa was fired, as robbery cases surge

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