No prospects for GNU: Walter Mzembi

No prospects for GNU: Walter Mzembi
No prospects for GNU: Walter Mzembi

No prospects for GNU: Walter Mzembi

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has been advised to join POLAD, as there are no prospects for a Government of National Unity (GNU) in Zimbabwe.

Chamisa who is arguably the biggest opposition party leader by support base has refused to join POLAD.

He says the dialogue has brought together people who have failed and who have nothing to offer to the people of Zimbabwe.

The MDC Alliance leader wants dialogue to be between himself and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Writing on his Twitter, Walter Mzembi said Zimbabwe is currently being led by Zanu PF hardliners and that the world is tired of the Zimbabwe agenda.

According to Mzembi, Zimbabwe needs to fix itself.

‘’The world is now tired of Zimbabwe as an agenda item. If we can’t fix ourselves, no one will and the world will work with anyone who answers the phone at no,1 Chancellor Ave (State House).

‘’During the inclusive government, Zanu PF was divided between hardliners and moderates. November 2017 was a convenient to work with the former to remove (Robert) Mugabe, but the opposition forgot that the same was anti GNU, still are to this day.

‘’Hardliners means tough bargaining therefore I don’t see prospects of dialogue outside POLAD, notwithstanding how the audience and speakers see those in it as pretenders and chancers.

‘’You may have to get in and fight for reforms ahead of 2023, but GNU no prospects,’’ he said.

No prospects for GNU: Walter Mzembi