HomeAuditor General ReportsMnangagwa presiding over a dysfunctional and corrupt govt

Mnangagwa presiding over a dysfunctional and corrupt govt

Mnangagwa presiding over a dysfunctional and corrupt govt

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is presiding over a dysfunctional and corrupt government and must be summoned to Parliament to answer.

Various ministries and state institutions have been found wanting by the Auditor General in terms of adhering to the dictates of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).

The Auditor-General in her report for the year ended 2020, highlighted a lot of issues where ministries are failing to meet the required standards of good governance.

Speaking during a breakfast meeting between Parliamentarians and journalists organised by SAPST, Mliswa said everything is adding up to the negative and Mnangagwa must be summoned to answer for his government.

‘’Basically, the President is presiding over a dysfunctional government, a corrupt government that is what it is, you cannot put it any better. The President is presiding over a corrupt government because the Auditor General’s office is critical in interrogation and in interrogating all this everything is adding up to the negative.

‘’I think the only way forward is also to invite the President through a motion in Parliament to come and respond to why his government has not implemented recommendations coming from Parliament and from the Auditor General’s office.

‘’So, this renders the government dysfunctional. The Public Finance Management Act is very clear about it,’’ he said.

According to the Auditor-General 2020 report, most government institutions are failing to keep proper books.

There is misappropriation of funds, incomplete procurement, and direct payment to suppliers from the ministry of finance among others.

About 30 vehicles were procured across the ministries in 2020 and are yet to be delivered

Although the Auditor General’s reports are tabled in Parliament, the legislator does not have enough teeth to force the implementation of reforms. This has seen ministries taking long to implement the recommendations and, in some cases, ignoring them.

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