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Marian Chombo shamed in Parliament, your husband was a thief, you and your boss are thieves

Marian Chombo shamed in Parliament, your husband was a thief, you and your boss are thieves

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has told Parliament that Local Government Deputy Minister Marian Chombo is corrupt like her former husband (Ignatious Chombo) and current boss July Moyo.

According to Mliswa, Marian Chombo is working in cahoots with July Moyo to loot devolution funds.

Minister Moyo is currently disbursing devolution funds, even though there is no law which determines the mechanism.

Several opposition legislators, including Temba Mliswa has raised concern over the issues.

Speaking during question and answer in the National Assembly, Mliswa said Marian Chombo and July Moyo are now Siamese twins in terms of corruption.

Below is the text of the debate

HON. CHOMBO: I think when we were approving the budget, it is the same House that approved the disbursement of the devolution funds. I thank you.

HON. T. MLISWA: We really do not want the Minister to think that we are so ignorant to the fact that you are preoccupied with looting devolution money. We are not preoccupied with looting. We are preoccupied in making sure the law works. This House passes the law and it is an insult for her to come to us all the time disregarding the law, talking about the very same Act which talks about an enabling Act which must be there to pass money. I do not know what needs to be done for you to understand that. You have got very cute short hair and I would expect fresh air to be permeating through your brain so that you do not make us stupid, because we cannot come here and you are blindly defending the Minister. Every day it is the same thing. We cannot have that.

This House passes the law and she came and said it in the Hansard the last time that we had no Act, which means it is criminal and what they are doing is wrong, but she continues to stand and argue where there is no argument. We are not stupid Mr. Speaker Sir. May she stop talking about this because all these things are on record. Some of us will leave before you and we will make sure you are arrested for these issues. –[Laughter]- You are laughing but you will lose weight so much that you will remember I told you that you will be sitting under a Musasa tree and the police will arrive and say, ‘what were you doing disbursing money without an Act?’ It is not a joke. We have got the Attorney General’s Office, we have got Government. You will even go out and give fire tenders to Masvingo Council. You will become so corrupt that

even fire tenders, you just award the fire tenders. Are you not ashamed? What is it with you influential people behaving in such a manner when the country is suffering as it is?

No, we must be serious. Mr. Speaker, we are tired of this. The best thing is, you must tell her to sit down and we must be asking her when the Act is coming to Parliament. This must be requested. We cannot have such a thing happening. I see you are also growing white hair like Hon. July Moyo, meaning that you are Siamese twins in terms of corruption and we are tired of this rubbish.

You will be dividing provinces because of your need to loot, at the same time throwing spanners into the works for His Excellency. We are sick and tired of this. We did not go to the Second Republic so that we put thieves in power. We ushered the Second Republic into power so that His Excellency can take the country forward, but you are busy throwing spanners in the works through looting. Are you not ashamed of yourselves? Your husband Chombo used to steal, your current Minister is also stealing. Chombo was a better thief but you are stealing in broad daylight.-

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER: Order, order Hon. Members! HON. CHOMBO: Thank you very much Hon. Speaker and thank you very much Hon. Mliswa. The Act is with the Attorney General’s office, I cannot say when it is coming but when it is through the office, it will come through. I thank you.

Marian Chombo shamed in Parliament, your husband was a thief, you and your boss are thieves

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