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Magamba Network Extends Open Parly To Uganda

Zimbabwe local hub for digital media and creativity Magamba Network has spread its influence to East Africa by launching Open Parly Uganda, an online platform that aims to bridge the divide between young people and the legislative branch.

Open Parly Uganda was launched on 15 March 2023 in the East African country in collaboration with Magamba Network and Ugandan based organizations, WizArts Foundation and Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA).

Young people will now have access to parliament proceedings thanks to an idea first introduced in Zimbabwe in 2015 and known as Open Parly ZW.

Open Parly ZW was the first media organization to open up parliament by live-streaming parliament sessions on to social media platforms.

The live-streamed sessions include Upper and Lower house of assembly sittings and portfolio committees and public hearings.

Resultantly, over the years the opening up of parliament has encouraged youths to follow proceedings and participate in governance processes.

Again, young people have a front row sit as their constituency representative are deliberating in parliament.

In a statement released last Wednesday, Magamba Network Creative Director Samm Farai Monro AKA Comrade Fatso expressed delight that the concept had transcended beyond the borders of the Southern African country.

Magamba Creative Director Speaks.

“It was inspiring to see Magamba’s homegrown Zimbabwean media innovation spreading on the African continent. 

“The young content creators in Kampala were really motivated by the concept of Open Parly and they bring such great energy to it” Monro said.

Admittedly, WizArts Foundation Diana Kabenge, the Executive Director  acknowledged that the concept would encourage young people to participate in governance processes.

“The youth comprise 78% of Uganda’s population and there has been apathy from the youth in participating in democratic processes and good governance.

“We therefore believe that having them participate in parliamentary processes through the Open Parly initiative is a step in the right direction,” she said.

Magamba Network has also launched the Open Parly ZW concept in Nigeria, Zambia and Somalia.

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