HomeMembers of ParliamentIs Phillip Chiyangwa the worst MP in 2021?

Is Phillip Chiyangwa the worst MP in 2021?

Is Phillip Chiyangwa the worst MP in 2021?

Zvimba South legislator Philip Chiyangwa (Zanu PF) is among the worst-performing legislators in the Parliament of Zimbabwe.

Chiyangwa was elected to the National Assembly courtesy of the 2018 general elections after failing dismally a couple of times.

He however is not a newcomer to the National Assembly; he has been there before (2000-2005).

Despite having experience in Parliament and its processes, the self-proclaimed rich man has failed to convert experience to his advantage.

The legislator has not said anything in Parliament since the 2nd of February when it resumed sitting up until it adjourned for the year on the 9th of December 2021.

Is Phillip Chiyangwa the worst MP in 2021?
Is Phillip Chiyangwa the worst MP in 2021?

Although he fought tooth and nail to be in Parliament, Chiyangwa has failed to justify his presence in the legislature.

This could mean Zvimba South people are being underrepresented and their issues are not finding their way into Parliament.

Legislators in Zimbabwe play three roles which are Representative, Legislative, and Oversight during their normally 5-year Parliament term.

In their representative role, they are expected to get issues from their constituencies through consultation meetings and bring them to Parliament. After bringing the issues to the attention of Parliament, the legislators are supposed to take answers back to the people through feedback meetings.

The legislative role involves making laws on behalf of their constituencies and the nation at large.

Oversight role they play it through the Portfolio Committees which they are supposed to belong to and actively participate.

Chiyangwa failed to even pay condolences

Is Phillip Chiyangwa the worst MP in 2021?
Is Phillip Chiyangwa the worst MP in 2021?

The important thing to remember about these roles is that they require the legislators to speak in Parliament sittings and committee meetings as well.

However, Chiyangwa did not participate in debates or even ask questions during the Question-and-Answer segment on Wednesdays.

He failed to even pay condolences to fellow legislators who died this year

In terms of education, Chiyangwa has a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Leadership-Dominica, St Luma University. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Management and Admin (Jersey U.K)

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