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Foreign Affairs Committee urged to take stock of what needs to be rectified

The National Assembly has called on the Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs to come to the party and take stock of protocols that need to be rectified by Parliament.

Zimbabwe has signed a lot of protocols that are yet to be ratified as required by the law.

According to the Constitution, every agreement that Zimbabwe signs internationally must be ratified by Parliament as the representatives of the people.

Speaking in the National Assembly during a debate on the motion to ratify the Constitutive Act of the African Union on the Pan-African Parliament, Norton legislator Temba Mliswa said delays in ratifying protocols should not be blamed on the minister alone but also the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Below is Honourable Temba Mliswa full debate:

HON. T. MLISWA:  Thank you Mr. Speaker Sir.  My contribution is to the Members of the IPU, PAP and SADC PF, I think it is important that instead of blaming the Executive themselves, they must also look at the various protocols that need to be ratified. I think it is quite important and I think we need to bring in the Foreign Affairs Committee as well to take stock of what needs to be rectified so that things are done properly. I think Parliament has those institutions to be able to do that. It also exposes that they seem to enjoy travelling than also working and making sure that when they represent Zimbabwe they are also up to speed with what needs to be done. I think they need to pull their socks up. Instead of blaming the Executive, what are they also doing to ensure that these protocols are ratified at the end of the day?

I think when they are presenting their reports as well, it is important to indicate that there are some outstanding protocols that need to be ratified.  With that, a lot can happen but with your indulgence Mr. Speaker, if the Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade can immediately be given that task to ensure that we are up to speed so that we can be known as a Parliament that dealt with many outstanding issues, I think this is one that can certainly make us look like a Parliament which really represented people.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Hon. Mliswa, be advised that your suggestion has been taken on board and the Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade has started working along the same lines that you suggest, which will assist the Executive to respond accordingly in bringing these protocols before this august House.

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