#ElectionsZW: We should vote peacefully, says Mnangagwa

#ElectionsZW: We should vote peacefully, says Mnangagwa
#ElectionsZW: We should vote peacefully, says Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called on Zimbabweans to vote peacefully in the impending by-elections.

Zimbabwe is set to hold by-elections sometime this year to replace those who were recalled from the council and Parliament as well as those who died.

There are several seats that have been declared vacant and prospective candidates have been positioning themselves in preparation for the polls.

However, there are fears that the by-elections might expose the electorate and citizens to violence as the candidates and political parties try to outdo each other.

However, in his new year message to the people of Zimbabwe, President Mnangagwa urged candidates to conduct themselves in an honourable manner.

He said elections remain the only route for people to elect their representatives.

‘’As you are maybe aware by-elections will be conducted in 2022. These will also serve as a reminder to all that elections are the only route that people can take to elect representatives of their choice.

‘’You should therefore vote peacefully, and I urge candidates to conduct themselves in an honourable manner that deepens the maturity of our democracy.

‘’Going forward we must remain optimistic and full of hope as Zimbabweans. We are a nation gifted with the warrior spirit always fighting for the good.

‘’So, let us, therefore, remain united as we safeguard the gains, we made in 2021 through working together,’’ he said.

Previous elections have brought violence that has led to the death, injury and intimidation of people across the country.

Property worth millions of dollars has also been lost due to the same violent activities.

Meanwhile, several of the legislators and councillors who were recalled from Parliament have expressed optimism that they will retain their seats.

Others have indicated that being recalled actually made them return to the people and understand the challenges better.