Home#ElectionsZW#ElectionsZW: Ostallos says Zanu PF can go to hell over colours

#ElectionsZW: Ostallos says Zanu PF can go to hell over colours

#ElectionsZW: Ostallos says Zanu PF can go to hell over colours

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba says they are not losing sleep over claims by Zanu PF that they took their colours.

Siziba said his party has serious matters to think about and will not be drawn into a colour fight.

Zanu PF recently claimed that CCC stole its colours and want ZEC to bar the party from using them.

However, speaking in an interview on Tuesday Talk, the youthful spokesperson said Zanu PF can go to hell as they have no monopoly on colours.

‘’Zanu PF can go to hell or anywhere nearer. Zanu PF does not have a monopoly over colours. It has no capacity to capture the imagination of ordinary people.

‘’You see the problem with Zanu PF, they assume and tell our people that they are in authority, that they are in government, how can a government focus on colours?

‘’People are dying in hospitals without medicine. Our people are being treated like second class citizens in South Africa and anywhere across the country.

‘’Our people are living below the poverty datum line; soldiers have been turned to robbers that is the situation that our country is facing. Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zanu PF think we can consume all our time talking about colours.

‘’Look we are serious people, serious political organisation, we can’t abandon our national and moral responsibility to discuss colours, and who is the owner of this. That is tomfoolery that occupies Zanu PF thinking, that is the problem with this country,’’ he said.

Zimbabwe needs new leaders

According to Ostallos, Zanu PF thinks that governing a country is oppressing and suppressing the people’s will.

He said Zimbabwe needs new leaders who can transform the lives of the people, and not the current regime which is bent on looting and corruption.

‘’We have made it very clear that we need new leaders in this country. The discourse and debate must be about has the CCC got the capacity to provide free education? Has the CCC have the capacity to transform the lives of civil servants?

‘’And has the CCC have the capacity to return citizens back to their country and restore the dignity of being a Zimbabweans that is what we are focusing on, anything else is a sideshow and cannot occupy our minds,’’ he said.

#ElectionsZW: Ostallos says Zanu PF can go to hell over colours

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