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#ElectionsZW: I want to be the first female MP in Kwekwe Central says Judith Tobaiwa

#ElectionsZW: I want to be the first female MP in Kwekwe Central says Judith Tobaiwa

Citizens Coalition for Change candidate for Kwekwe Central by-elections Judith Tobaiwa says she is going to win the election and become the first female legislator from the constituency.

Kwekwe Central’s previous two legislators have all been males, Blessing Chebundo, and the late Masango Matambanadzo.

The by-election is seeking to replace Matambanadzo who died around 2019.

In an interview, Tobaiwa said she is confident of victory because people of Kwekwe especially women and youths want her to represent them.

She said the constituency has never had a female legislator since 1980 when the country got its independence.

‘’People of Kwekwe Central expect me to represent them because since 1980 Kwekwe has never had a female MP and there has been no one who could represent women.

‘’Youths are also feeling elated because of my candidature as I am someone who can easily be approached. I am also a youth,’’ she said.

According to Tobaiwa, if she wins the seat she will work for non-partisan allocation of mining claims in Kwekwe.

She said currently for one to get a mining claim they should first belong to Zanu PF.

Everyone should benefit from mine claims

Tobaiwa said all mining claims belong to the government and therefore every young person has a right to benefit from them.

‘’If I get voted in Kwekwe, the constituency is largely a mining area and the problem is that everyone thinks that for you to get a mine you should be affiliated to Zanu PF, that is one of the things that we will work rectify.

‘’The other thing is that the mines in Kwekwe belong to the government and every young person has a right to work there despite their political affiliation,’’ she said.

Tobaiwa who was in the news recently after her car had been taken by alleged Zanu PF supporters, said women are being deprived of their right work in the mines.

She said this is despite the fact that women constituted the majority in Kwekwe Central.

‘’Women’s rights in Kwekwe are not being respected. Women in Kwekwe Central are oppressed. They are not allowed to go and work in the mines because they are women. ‘’They are told that their role is to stay at home but if you check there are more women in Kwekwe than men so that is one of the things I will strive to change.

#ElectionsZW: I want to be the first female MP in Kwekwe Central says Judith Tobaiwa

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