Chibaya Queries Home Affairs Minister On Political Violence

Chibaya Queries Home Affairs Minister On Political Violence

Chibaya Queries Home Affairs Minister On Political Violence

Nkoba constituency legislator Amos Chibaya urged the Minister of Home Affairs to outline the strategy to be followed to deal with politically inspired violence.

As the country gears up for the 2023 elections opposition members have been at the receiving end of political violence.

Citizen Coalition For Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has been attacked on numerous occasions
The latest incident occurred when his convoy was attacked with explosives in Chinhoyi.

During the run up to the March 2022 by elections CCC members were attacked by spear and machete welding thugs, alleged to be from the ruling party.

Leading the the death of one member and injury 17 others.

Chibaya who is also the CCC national organising secretary raised a matter of national importance in parliament

“We are heading towards elections in 2023 and there is a lot of political violence throughout the country.

“… we need to make sure we go to the polls in peace and preserve our image as a peaceful nation.

“I am saying this because when we were moving around the country, in Hwedza, the President of the opposition party (CCC), Chamisa was blocked.

“His car was attacked in Mutare, Uzumba-Maramba-Pfungwe, the supporters of our political party were attacked by supporters of ZANU PF.

“There is no Member of Parliament who likes violence and I believe that you also do not like violence.

“The issue is that we have the Minister of Home Affairs, what is the Minister promising the nation regarding restoring peace and security during elections so that they will be peaceful?,” Chibaya said.

However, the speaker of parliament Hon Jacob Mudenda advised that aggrieved parties take the legal route.

Speakers Response

“I repeat that any member of a political party who feels that their right has been violated can approach the courts,” Mudenda said.

The opposition has in the past accused the legal system for selective application of the law and being captured.

Furthermore, the speaker hinted that when the reforms to the electoral act are tabled the issue may be debated then.

Chibaya Queries Home Affairs Minister On Political Violence